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I swear I am sick and tired of people like Michael Jacobson and MeMe Roth.

As you know, I have pointed out several times that Jacobson’s Center for Science in the Public Interest has been a Rockefeller Foundation front group from its very inception in 1971. CSPI was founded by Jacobson and two co-workers from Ralph Nader’s Center for the Study of Responsive Law: James Sullivan (now a bigwig at the U.S. Agency for International Development, part of America’s criminalistic Military-Industrial Complex) and chemist/”environmentalist” James P. Fritsch. The CSPI Board of Directors is full of former Justice Department cronies, FDA cronies, fake environmentalists, and even people with ties to the fraudulent 9/11 Commission whitewash.

According to respected lipid scientist Mary G. Enig, CSPI’s jihad against saturated fats began almost immediately after CSPI’s inception with Eater’s Digest, a book penned by Jacobson. CSPI’s jihad against saturated fats was mainly directed toward fast food restaurants who uses beef tallow to fry their French fries and chicken. Shortly after their jihad began, fast food restaurants “voluntarily” switched their frying oils from beef tallow to partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils. Today, partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils are more commonly known as trans fats.

The government’s jihad against saturated fats officially began in 1977 with the McGovern Report – headed by Sen. George McGovern – which drafted dietary guidelines for all Americans to eat a diet low in fat and cholesterol. However, the report did not point out that there are two different forms of cholesterol: HDL, considered good cholesterol, and LDL, considered bad cholesterol. The report basically declared ALL cholesterol and ALL fat to be bad for you. Also around this time, Carol Tucker Foreman – then assistant secretary of the USDA – decided to support the low-fat theory and develop the official government dietary guidelines and sought out Philip Handler – of the National Academy of Sciences – to support her theory. However, Handler told Foreman the McGovern Report’s findings were nonsense, so she ignored his findings and shopped around for a scientist who would support her agenda.

In the 1980s, CSPI began a campaign against the use of saturated fats, mainly in the form of beef tallow and palm oils, most notably coconut oil. As pointed out by the Weston A. Price Foundation and Dr. Joseph Mercola, saturated fats play an essential role in the development of healthy brains. In addition, saturated fats are necessary for the proper development of cellular membranes.
Ever since then, saturated fats have been demonized. Coconut oil is virtually impossible to find, and if you do find some, be prepared to pay a pretty penny; in addition, online sellers of coconut oil are often relegated to “alternative” health food stores which are often decried by fake liberals and fake conservatives alike as “tinfoil hat wearers.” Actual butter is practically non-existent in major supermarket chains, save for Amish markets. The only types of butter you see in stores today are butter with canola oil, which is a dangerous processed vegetable oil derived from rapeseed. In other words, canola oil is as unhealthy as trans fat.

Shortly after the food industry’s decision to switch to trans fats, CSPI used the power of the pen to whitewash the health risks of trans fatty acids and continue their jihad against saturated fats. In their 1988 book Saturated Fat Attack, CSPI actually defended trans fats and demonized saturated fats. They even wrote pro-trans fat articles in their Nutrition Action newsletter, most notably in an article from the March 1988 newsletter titled “The Truth About Trans: Hydrogenated Oils Aren’t Guilty as Charged”. In the blatant whitewash of trans fatty acids, Elaine Blume – now the senior science writer at the National Cancer Institute – summed up CSPI’s position on trans fatty acids with the following summation:

All told, the charges against trans fat just don’t stand up. And by extension, hydrogenated oils seem relatively innocent.

A couple years later, CSPI suddenly reversed its stance on trans fats when Bonnie Liebman – CSPI Nutrition Director – wrote the October 1990 Nutrition Action newsletter article “Trans in Trouble”.

Almost immediately after CSPI began its anti-trans agenda, controlled opposition popped up. The most notable of the controlled opposition is the Center for Consumer Freedom, which was started up by Washington, D.C.-based lobbyist Richard Berman thanks to a $600,000 donation from the Philip Morris Tobacco Company.

Recently, so-called “food police” such as CSPI have publicly supported extra taxes on foods they deem to be unhealthy. Some of the food cops have even supported zoning restrictions and minimum purchase age requirements – like the type you see with alcohol and tobacco.

You would think that CSPI and CCF are enemies who are against each other in every way possible, but when it comes to genetically-modified foods, they become the best of friends.

One of CSPI’s primary benefactors is the Rockefeller Foundation, which is the biggest funder of GMOs through several front groups such as the Biotech Brigade and the Monsanto Company, which owns the rights to the deadly artificial sweetener aspartame as well as MSG (monosodium glutamate) and rBGH, a growth hormone used in cows to cause cows to grow up faster so they can produce milk as a younger age. According to

The tobacco, booze and food industry lobbyists at Rick Berman’s Guest Choice Network usually castigate Michael Jacobson’s Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) as the dreaded “food police” when it comes to fat and sugar in the diet. But they are loving CSPI’s promotion of genetically engineered food. CSPI, Monsanto’s former lawyer Mike Taylor (now at Resources for the Future) and Monsanto’s former cow growth hormone lobbyist Carol Tucker Foreman (now back at Consumer Federation of America), are all getting substantial grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, a huge supporter of the alleged benefits of genetically engineered crops.

In addition, CCF has publicly praised genetically-modified crops while at the same time demonized proponents of organic foods. Some of CCF’s anti-organic propaganda:

Real Scientists Debunk Organic Myths

Organic-Only Outlook Not So “Green”

Organic Propaganda: All Stuffing, No Meat

Among the various food companies that fund the Center for Consumer Freedom are several corporate members of the Council on Foreign Relations – most notably PepsiCo and Coca-Cola and H. J. Heinz – and some corporate heads of these companies are even members of the super-secretive Bilderberg Group, which recently met behind closed doors in Virginia to continue their decades-long jihad against American sovereignty and freedom in general in favor of a tyrannical global government. Among these are PepsiCo president and chairman Indra Nooyi and Coca-Cola chairman George A. David.

Today, food manufacturers are now saying that the soybean is today’s “wonder food.” However, according to Dr. Enig and Dr. Mercola, soy is actually a danger to our health. According to some research, soy actually acts an an antinutrient. What is an antinutrient? I found the following information:

Antinutrients are compounds that are produced by plants as part of their defense mechanism. Some are toxic and others interfere with digestive enzymes or prevent vitamins or minerals from working.

To this day, CSPI refuses to own up to their past praises of trans fats, and their brainwashed minions declare you a “kook” or a “liar” or even a “Big Food shill” if you speak the truth about CSPI. Last year, I exposed some of these facts on the Daily Kos, and one of the idiot Kossacks on there actually said CSPI never advocated trans fats, even when I posted a link to the March 1988 Nutrition Action newsletter and Enig’s “The Tragic Legacy of the Center for Science in the Public Interest” editorial. That is the same mindset as ones who says “Bilderberg doesn’t exist,” “the NAFTA Superhighway is a ‘John Bircher’ myth,” “the NAU doesn’t exist,” and “NORAD didn’t stand down on 9/11.” The idiot Kossack may as well have stated that I invented a fake Nutrition Action newsletter. The idiot Kossacks are too afraid to admit that trans fats and GMOs and aspartame and MSG are to CSPI as the Reichstag Fire was to the Nazis. By supporting the Nazis at CSPI who created the crisis so they could offer phony solutions which only create more crises and more phony solutions, the idiot Kossacks have exposed themselves as brownshirters, the “little Eichmanns” that Ward Churchill spoke of.

However, if you think CSPI is bad, then you haven’t come across MeMe Roth of the National Action Against Obesity. She takes Food Nazism to a whole new level. In some ways, Roth is even more of a danger to Americans than CSPI.

Last year, Roth complained about Jordin Sparks winning American Idol because Sparks did not fit Roth’s vision of the “perfect” body image. In other words, Sparks did not fit Roth’s vision of the “master race.”

Last year, the state of Mississippi considered a law which would have barred restaurants from serving people deemed overweight or obese. Even Kelly Brownell, director of Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, and CSPI decried the proposed law. In the USA Today, Brownell was quoted as saying “It would be hard to concoct something more ridiculous,” and CSPI’s Jacobson was quoted as saying the bill’s sponsors “should be ashamed of themselves. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be for an overweight high school student to go to a restaurant with a few slimmer friends and not be allowed to buy certain foods?”

However, MeMe Roth – the mainstream media’s modern-day dietary Reichfuhress – actually APPLAUDED the bill! It shouldn’t be a surprise, though, since some of Ms. Roth’s “Friends & Favorites” on her NAAO website include some Rockefeller fronts, including CSPI and the Center for Disease Control, which started out as the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations. It was at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations where Dr. Cornelius Rhoads performed Naziesque secret experiments such as deliberately infecting human subjects with injections of live cancer cells as well as the horrific Tuskegee Syphilis Study where 200 black males were deliberately infected with syphilis and refused treatment; they subsequently died from syphilis.

And let’s not forget PETA, the Rockefeller front group parading around as animal lovers. They’ve stated in the past that meat eating causes global warming. And let’s not forget about the other global warming loons who now say obesity causes global warming.

I’m all for healthy eating and a healthy environment, but NOT at the expense of constitutional freedoms, as Ms. Roth clearly has little – if any – regard for. Denying people from being served food is the same as communist China denying healthcare for the elderly. It’s eugenics, the quasi-science widely practiced by the Nazis. It’s genocide. It’s the same type of genocide that the Nazis carried out against the Jews during the Holocaust. Ms. Roth may as well say “fat people are the new Jews.”

And believe it or not, neocon warmongering radio show host Michael Savage actually used his radio show to call for fat people to be put in concentration camps. There’s Nazis EVERYWHERE on BOTH sides of the false left/right paradigm!

The Nazis are alive and well, folks. They’re using the exact same playbook that the Nazis uses in the 1930s and 1940s.

“Those that fails to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill

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